architecture, industrial, proposed

Warehouse at Pandan Loop

Factories and warehouses have always operated in closed doors and in isolation away from the public. Although effort has been made in recent times to beautify this building typology, yet in spite of that, the internal workings of these buildings remains a mystery to the public. This project had hoped to bridge this gap.

This warehouse was designed for a family owned business as a storage and packing facility. The 6874.5 square meter site is situated along the north-east end of the Pandan Loop industrial area with a view of the Pandan river and reservoir. The client wanted a design that stood out among the row of industrial buildings and exude a sense of transparency towards visitors and government bodies both physically and figuratively.

The design idea was to create an iconic state-of-the-art fresh fruit warehousing and processing factory through a combination of passive and active design strategies to maximise productivity. The main office was designed as an appendage from the main building structure that serves as a control centre to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic flow. A separate systematic circulation path was explored in the proposal for visitors and students to witness the inner workings of a fruit processing facility through controlled views and access.

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