architecture, landed, completed

Second Avenue

Designed with the concept of a traditional "Long House" to take full advantage of the site orientation and views, the structure is a streamlined block where the 2nd storey extends over pool and houses all the bedrooms which are lovely and cool from the breezes that flow through all year round. As the house lies on a sloping terrain, it is entered from what is considered its basement level which is then expressed as a monolithic plinth of rusticated stone holding up a pristine and linear block of 2-storey accommodation above. A double volume living area at the basement entrance is naturally lit by vertical window slits and partially flanked by a giant aquarium which doubles up as a koi pond on its 1st storey, with its elevated garden. The house was awarded BCA's Green Mark Platinum award for its site strategy and environmentally conscious design.
Completed 2012. GFA 1547.9m2.

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