Cornwall Gardens

The Cornwall Gardens house was designed and built in the late 1990s. Inspired by the Balinese resort architectural style that was very fashionable at the time, the form took precedence over function. The house comprised of individual pavilions surrounding a courtyard and pool and the pavilions are connected by a series of sheltered walkways or patios, which were partially exposed to the weather.

We were tasked to improve the functionality of the spaces and provide a facelift to worn out spaces. This involved reconfiguring spaces and incorporating new equipment, finishes and fittings.

The main design intervention was to the existing bedrooms at the 2nd storey. The original layout of the bedrooms were disproportionate with oversized bathrooms and small wardrobe spaces. A complete reconfiguration of the layout was necessary, where bathroom sizes were rethought, and the bedroom and wardrobe areas were increased proportionately. A new family lounge was introduced by closing up an outdoor terrace and walkway that served the bedrooms to enable the space to be more usable.

At the 1st Storey, we enclosed the existing outdoor cooking area to separate it from the laundry area. This was to protect the cooking area from the strong breezes that disrupt the stove fire, as well as preventing the smells and oils from the cooking area from contaminating the washed clothing. The existing dry kitchen was also redesigned to improve the workflow and connection to the breakfast area.

The new design elements and materiality introduced were intentionally subtle to respect and complement the original theme and design language of the house. This approach is evident from our selections and design for the light fittings, latticed window frames, tile selections, and colour palette of the built-ins.

Completed 2021
Photographed by Studio Periphery

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