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Binjai Park

Designed to address environmental issues and to take full advantage of the views, this 2-storey house has an L-shaped plan flanking a large square garden and a swimming pool. All interior views are directed to the greens and water; visually extending the distance from neighbours. The narrow house plan maximises air flow and natural lighting, with the L-shape clearly separating the public and private spaces even as both wings embrace the same outdoors. The 2nd Storey bedrooms open onto wide terraces with generous overhangs and lush planting, accentuating the tropical feel and instilling a sense of luxury. Green initiatives, in addition to passive design elements affecting shape, orientation, sun-shading and screening, include rainwater harvesting and solar panels for the generation of electric power. The use of a sophisticated electrical control system maximises equipment life; and times the closing of blinds to coincide with the sun coming into certain areas.
The house was awarded BCA's Greenmark Platinum Award in 2011 in recognition of its environmental design solutions.
Completed 2011. GFA 1333.5m2.

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